Bible Reading – Week 52

Overview: You will likely enjoy this section more that the last. As you read, notice some of the things that scripture says won’t be in Heaven. There won’t be any sadness of tears.

This brings us to the end of our New Testament study. I would encourage you to join us as we begin our next Study of the Old Testament. Or if you want you could do this study again!

Day 1 – Revelation 17

1. Who today might be the equivalent of a Roman emperor?

Day 2 – Revelation 18

1. Imagine for a moment that you have lost your wealth, and are forced to live in poverty. What might that feel like?
2. How do you feel when you hear about a Christian calling for revenge on someone?

Day 3 – Revelation 19

1. What is it like to reflect on this image of wealth and power failing given that, compared to much of the world, we are the wealthy and powerful ones?
2. The proclamation “hallelujah!” Is a loud word of praise to God. What makes you want to shout “hallelujah”?

Day 4 – Revelation 20

1. Which do you think is harder: to judge someone or to forgive them?
2. Why might some people find it more difficult to give up the idea of judgement (God’s or their own) in favour of forgiveness and/or an idea of salvation that includes everyone?

Day 5 – Revelation 21

1. What might it have meant to those who first read Revelation to be told that death was no more for them? What does it mean to you?
2. What does the image of the New Jerusalem mean to you?
3. Do you believe the New Jerusalem is something we can dream of, or hope for, or are we called to build it ourselves?

Day 6 – Revelation 22

1. How do you understand the notion of Jesus coming soon?
2. What parts of Revelation did you like?
3. What parts do you wish were not there? 4. What parts would you like to learn more about?

Congratulations on finishing this study of the New Testament.