Bible Reading – Week 51

Overview: In this section, the trumpet judgements are completed and the bowl judgements occur. This section discusses two witnesses that will preach during this time. The antichrist is also discussed. Hang in there through this section. The next one is much more pleasant to read and think about!

We will read for six days on these last two lessons in order to finish the New Testament in one year. We are almost finished!

Day 1 – Revelation 11

1. The act of measuring God’s temple is really the act of taking stock of the Christian community. Do they measure up?
2. By extension, we might ask ourselves the same questions. Do we measure up?
3. What kinds of things might one look for as signs that we measure up?

Day 2 – Revelation 12

1. Dragons are seen as symbols of destruction, and for good reason – they breathe fire, and fire destroys. Thus they are the antithesis of God, who is a creator. What forces of destruction exist in our world?
2. How do you understand the role of evil in the Bible?
3. How would you depict evil?

Day 3 – Revelation 13

1. Who were the seven emperors?
2. What interpretations of 666 have you encountered?

Day 4 – Revelation 14

1. What do you think of writings that seem to “predict” future events?
2. Do you think they are really doing that, or simply that they are reflecting a world in which such events could happen, or….?

Day 5 – Revelation 15

1. Note that the reason given for worshipping the Lamb, or Christ, related to his acts of justice. When you hear talk of all nations worshipping Christ, how often is justice the focal point?

Day 6 – Revelation 16

1. Jesus is presented in a variety of ways throughout the book of Revelation: as lamb, as ruler, and, in Chapter 16, as judge. How does your understanding of Jesus shift when you apply each of these names to him?