Bible Reading – Week 48

Overview: In this week’s reading John wants to show us the relationship between our love of God and our obedience to God. The verses in chapter 3 do not mean that a Christian is perfect and never does anything wrong. Only Jesus was without sin.

Notice how everything to do with obedience is connected to the theme of loving God and loving each other. Do you remember what commandments Jesus said were the greatest?

Day 1 – 1 John 3

1. What are the main points of this chapter?
2. How do we know what true love is?
3. How can we know that He abides in us and we in Him?

Day 2 – 1 John 4

1. Why should we love one another?
2. How was God’s love for us manifested?

Day 3 – 1 John 5

1. What three things does this chapter say bore witness concerning Jesus?
2. Why does it say John wrote these letters?
3. What confidence do we have in prayer?

Day 4 – 2 John

1. Why do you suppose John mentions “truth” so many times?
2. In what ways can we be hospitable to others?

Day 5 – 3 John

1. To whom was this letter addressed?
2. What gave the writer great joy?
3. What did the writer of 3 John hope to do?