Bible Reading – Week 46

Overview: The book of Hebrews is meant to challenge, encourage, and empower Christian believers. And yet this week’s readings are some of the most difficult to understand.

We continue through chapter 6-10. Chapter 6 begins with a continuation of chapter 5 on growing more mature in our faith. Chapter 7 tells us about the priest Melchizedek. If you want to know just who he was, read Genesis 14: 18-20. Not much is known about Melchizedek. He was a priest long before God set up the Levitical priesthood in Exodus. 

Day 1 – Hebrews 6

1. What do you think the author meant by “dead works”?
2. What is the “full assurance of hope” mentioned?
3. What promise did God make to Abraham?

Day 2 – Hebrews 7

1. Write several interesting facts about Melchizedek.
2. From these verse, who do you think is the “priest forever”, the “better hope”?

Day 3 – Hebrews 8

1. Who is the “mediator of a better covenant”?
2. Describe several parts of the new covenant.

Day 4 – Hebrews 9

1. In what ways did the tabernacle aid worship?
2. How do we worship God today?
3. What might the “time of reformation” in verse 10 refer to?

Day 5 – Hebrews 10

1. In what way is the law a shadow of the good things to come?
2. What do you think it means to “draw back”?