Bible Reading – Week 43

Overview: This week we begin with the last chapter of James. James’ audience likely felt overlooked by God since there were under the oppression of the rich and powerful. And it is tempting for us at times to wonder if God really sees us. So for them, and for us, James points forward to a time when God will set everything right.

Next we will look at the very short chapter of Jude. Jude was probably written to Christian Jews who were familiar with the Old Testament. Since there are so many OT references, but no explanation of what these references mean, it would seem that the intended readers were already aware of the Biblical background behind these stories.

The second half of our week brings us to 1 Peter. It is believed this letter was addressed to Christians who were experiencing some kind of social costs because of their faith and hope in Jesus Christ. They aren’t sure what form they took, or how severe they were.

Day 1 – James 5

1. Have you ever felt like your faithfulness went unnoticed?
2. What should be our response to injustice?
3. Reread James 5:13 Why is it important that we pray?

Day 2 – Jude

1. How does Jude describe himself?
2. Where do you see pride most evident in your life?

Day 3 – 1 Peter 1

1. How does having hope change the way you live your life?
2. When you have an opportunity to show mercy to others, do you do it?

Day 4 – 1 Peter 2

1. Who are the obvious people in your life that you influence?
2. Who might be people that you influence without even knowing it?
3. What are some things you can do to have a positive influence in your community?

Day 5 – 1 Peter 3

1. Would you agree that most people, regardless of age, economic, or social status, desire to love life and see good days?
2. Have you ever desired something that would be a benefit to your life? What was that “thing”?
3. Explain what it means to have a tender heart?