Bible Reading – Week 42

Overview: We complete 2 Timothy this week and then move into a letter from James. The author of the Book of James was likely James, the half-brother of Jesus. The Book of James is close to being identified with wisdom literature because it contains so much biblical wisdom, however much of this book focuses on temptations and trials because when James wrote this, persecution was beginning to get worse for the early church.  James wanted to encourage believers that it shouldn’t be surprising that they are suffering for Christ’s sake and that they should count it all joy. James also gives some scathing rebukes in his letter.

Day 1 – Timothy 4

1. What does it mean to have “fought the good fight” or “run the good race”?
2. What does it mean to “keep the faith”?

Day 2 – James 1

1. Can you list 2 good things that come out of trials and tribulations?
2. What does it mean that God “gives generously to all without finding fault”?

Day 3 – James 2

1. Where do you see examples of favouritism being shown?
2. When have you been a recipient of favouritism based on your appearance or social status?

Day 4 – James 3

1. What is the most encouraging thing someone has said to you lately?
2. When have you witnessed the destructive power of words? What effect did these words have?

Day 5 – James 4

1. When was the last time you were in a serious fight or quarrel with another person?
2. What are the selfish desires that capture your attention?
3. When you allow yourself to chase after these, how does it affect your relationships?