Bible Reading – Week 41

Overview: Titus is similar in tone to 1 and 2 Timothy. The author is giving the young pastor, Titus, instructions for growing the church and individual Christians. 

2 Timothy 1 is about Timothy’s Godly mother and grandmother. 2 Timothy 2 tells how Christians must have endurance, discipline, and diligence.

Day 1 – Titus 2

1. What is one thing you thought was important when you were younger that you have grown out of?
2. Why do you think the author chose to emphasize these things in the older men and women of the church?
3. How has or might this passage be used negatively?

Day 2 – Titus 3

1. What does it mean to “be subject”?
2. Which authorities do you have the most difficult time submitting to?
3. What can we do to be peaceable with others?

Day 3 – Timothy 1

1. How can a gift or ministry be rekindled?
2. According to verse 12, what is the source of the author’s fearlessness?
3. What does he trust God to guard for him?

Day 4 – Timothy 2

1. When do you put your good plates and silverware on the table?
2. What point is Paul trying to make with this example?

Day 5 – Timothy 3

1. Why is it so easy to become a hypocrite?
2. What does inspiration of Scripture mean to you?