Bible Reading – Week 39

Overview: Philippians and the letters to Timothy are a little more warm and personal. The Philippian people were especially close to Paul. He has spent quite a while in Philippi and had grown to love them very much.

Look back at Acts 16 to see some of the happenings in Philippi. Paul wanted the Philippians to experience joy in their relationship with God. He also wanted them to love each other and to serve each other. Sometimes the simplest lessons are the hardest to put into practice. He wanted them to have a goal of doing God’s will for their lives.

Day 1 – Philippians 2

1. The instruction in verse 2 is addressed to a specific group of Christians. How do we understand that instruction to apply to us, and what does it instruct us to do? For instance, are the instructions to us the same as the ones to the Philippians, or do they differ?
2. Can you think of examples of things people do from “selfish ambition or conceit” today?

Day 2 – Philippians 3

1. When you are faced with difficult life situations, is it hard to be joyful?
2. What is most helpful in restoring your joy?
3. Has seeing the joy in someone else been an encouragement to you in difficult times?

Day 3 – Philippians 4

1. Have you ever allowed a dispute to ruin a relationship that you once valued?
2. Have you ever salvaged a relationship that was affected by a dispute?
3. Have you ever been involved in helping others work through a disagreement?

Day 4 – Timothy 1

1. What does Paul’s testimony tell us about God’s grace?
2. Do you think this testimony is powerful?
3. What elements makes Paul’s testimony interesting?

Day 5 – Timothy 2

1. What, if any, are the differences between entreaties, prayers, petitions, and thanksgivings?
2. Why use four words to describe prayer content?
3. Who are you going to pray for today?