Bible Reading – Week 38

Overview: If you are a careful reader, you may have noticed that “Paul” instructed the churches to pass these letters around to each other. He wanted the Colossians Christians to share their letter with the Laodiceans. He wanted the Ephesians to share their letter with the Colossians. You may have notices other letters Paul mentions that are not in the Bible, like the letter to the Laodiceans. 

There is so much information in these letters for us to learn. We must realize that it will take all of our lives to study and learn the lessons God has for us. The more we study the more we see how far we have to go. No matter how many times we read the Bible, God still has more to teach us.

In Ephesians Paul discusses everything from salvation to the armor of God for the Christian. It is easy to see through these letters to the churches that Paul assumed the believers were meeting together. It is a good reminder to us of the importance in scripture of being actively involved with a local body of believers.

Day 1 – Ephesians 3

1. How do we have boldness and confidence?
2. Give at least 2 things Paul prayed for.

Day 2 – Ephesians 4

1. What are some of the gifts God gave, and why might God have given them?
2. How are we to treat others?

Day 3 – Ephesians 5

1. How can we walk in God’s light?
2. How does “Paul” say husbands and wives are to treat each other?

Day 4 – Ephesians 6

1. What are the responsibilities of children?
2. What are the first and last parts of the armour of God?

Day 5 – Philippians 1

1. What were some of Paul’s prayers for the Philippians?
2. How did Paul see his suffering as good?
3. How did Paul feel about death and suffering?