Bible Reading – Week 37

Overview: We finish Colossians this week and read Philemon and part of Ephesians. These three letters were believed to be written while Paul was still in prison in Rome. There are some scholars who believe Ephesians, Colossians, and 2 Thessalonians may not have been written by Paul. Regardless there is a message to be found here. We can learn from “Paul” to make the most of every situation, good or bad.

Notice that in Colossians Paul is teaching the Christians to focus on their lives in Christ instead of earthly things. This is a continuation of Jesus’ message that it is not the outward appearance as much as the inward attitude. What looks good to everyone else may not look so good to God.

Philemon is a personal letter to a man whose slave had run away. Apparently Onesimus ran away, he accepted Jesus. This letter encourages Philemon to forgive Onesimus for running away and to accept him back. Notice that Paul persuaded Onesimus that to return to his life as a slave was the right thing to do, even though slavery is wrong. It would have been dishonest for Onesimus to have remained a runaway slave. We have no record of Philemon’s response to Paul’s letter. 

Day 1 – Colossians 3

1. What kind of things are Christian’s encouraged to do?
2. How is each Christian member of the family to live?

Day 2 – Colossians 4

1. How should we speak to each other?
2. What was it that was asked of Archippus to do?

Day 3 – Philemon

1. What are some good things Philemon did?
2. Who was Onesimus and what did Paul want Philemon to do with him?
3. What did Paul offer to Philemon?

Day 4 – Ephesians 1

1. Give at least 2 phrases that describe the Holy Spirit.
2. Who is the head of the church?

Day 5 – Ephesians 2

1. How have we been brought near to God?
2. What is the purpose of the church?