Bible Reading – Week 36

Overview: As we begin this week’s readings, Paul is still testifying to the Roman officials. Paul used every opportunity to tell people about Jesus. In chapter 26, Paul is speaking before Festus, the governor, and Agrippa, the king. Notice as you read how much these rulers seemed to respect Paul. Paul had studied the Bible since he was a boy. He understood the importance of being prepared to defend his faith.

We finish Acts as Paul gets his wish to go to Rome. In fact, he received a free trip, compliments of the Roman government. This was because he was still under arrest. You will see that his voyage was less than pleasant. But no matter what happened, Paul continued to serve God and have faith. Apparently Paul was still under Roman arrest at the end of Acts.

Next we begin a short letter to the Colossians. Even in prison Paul continued to write letters that blessed, encouraged and taught the people of his day. May we consider Paul’s example of using even the circumstances of life that are not pleasant as an opportunity to bring honour and glory to God.

Day 1 – Acts 26

1. What did Paul do before he was saved?
2. What did Jesus tell Paul to do?
3. What was King Agrippa’s response?

Day 2 – Acts 27

1. What was Paul’s message to the captain?
2. What happened and what did Paul say?
3. Why do you think the captain wanted to save Paul?

Day 3 – Acts 28

1. What happened with the snake?
2. What was the controversy?

Day 4 – Colossians 1

1. What were some things Paul was thankful for?
2. What is one thing Paul wanted the Colossians to understand about Jesus? 3. How did Paul feel about his own suffering?

Day 5 – Colossians 2

1. What is one thing Paul wanted the Colossians to do?
2. How are we made alive in Christ?
3. How did Paul feel about man-made rules for religion?