Bible Reading – Week 35

Overview: Have you noticed that Luke, the writer of Acts, began using “we” as he describes Paul’s journeys? Apparently Luke traveled with Paul during this time. Our reading this week begins with some Christians trying to talk Paul out of going to Jerusalem. They knew that there were still some Jews who believed that you had to go through all of the Jewish rituals. Paul made a great effort to explain that salvation was free.

Paul felt that God wanted him to go to Jerusalem. While he was there, a riot broke out over Paul’s teaching. Paul was arrested for disturbing the peace. Because of his arrest he was able to speak to the crowd about Jesus. He was able to preach to several Roman governors and officials.

Day 1 – Acts 21

1. Why did Paul’s friends not want him to go to Jerusalem?
2. What did the Christians in Jerusalem want Paul to do?
3. Why were the Jews in this passage so angry?

Day 2 – Acts 22

1. What did Paul tell the crowd?
2. Why was the commander afraid?

Day 3 – Acts 23

1. Which 2 religious groups was Paul speaking to?
2. What was Paul’s nephew’s message?
3. Who was Felix, and what did he do with Paul?

Day 4 – Acts 24

1. Who was Paul’s accuser and what was Paul’s crime?
2. How did Paul respond?
3. What did Felix do?

Day 5 – Acts 25

1. Who was Festus, and what did he do with Paul?
2. What was Festus’ problem with Paul?