Bible Reading – Week 34

Overview: We will finish Romans this week and return to Acts. Here are some things to look for in Romans: Chapter 13 tells us about how a Christian should consider government officials, paying taxes and obeying the law. Keep in mind that Nero was the Roman emperor, and he was known to be evil and corrupt.

Chapter 14 gives us some ideas on those “gray” areas- those things that may not have a clear right and wrong answer. See if you can think of things we face today that might fall into this category. In Paul’s day, it was eating meat offered to pagan idols that was later sold in the marketplace. Some Christians felt they should not eat this “unclean” meat, while others felt that it was no big deal. Paul’s message is that we should not offend each other in the minor details of life.

Chapter 15-16 give Paul’s plans for the future. He wanted to preach and teach in Rome as soon as he could.

As we move back into Acts, we will read more about Paul’s travels.

Day 1 – Romans 13

1. Jesus taught us that we have responsibilities to God and Caesar. What does the Christian do if the commands from these two conflict?
2. What is the main quality of all of God’s commands?
3. In what sense does Paul mean by saying salvation today is nearer than when we first believed?

Day 2 – Romans 14

1. How does what we do affect others?
2. What is the most important thing we can do for others?
3. What is “joy of the Holy Spirit”?

Day 3 – Romans 15

1. How does God want us to act toward each other?
2. What is one goal of the Christian life?
3. What is one thing Paul wanted to do?

Day 4 – Romans 16

1. At what possible time and place did this letter take place?
2. What do all Christians need to watch out for?
3. How is the church established?

Day 5 – Acts 20

1. Where in “Greece” did Paul go and how long did he stay?
2. What does Paul say about his reason for going to Jerusalem?
3. In order to try to get into the emotion of the passage, think back to the last time you had to say goodbye to someone knowing you weren’t going to see them for a long time or ever again. Why is it hard to say goodbye?