Bible Reading – Week 32

Overview: You will find several verses in this week’s lessons that are very familiar to you. You may have even memorized them. These include Romans 3:23, 5:8, 6:23 and others. Paul spends a lot of time in these chapters teaching the Romans about faith. Sometimes it seems that we are reading the same things over and over.

A main message that Paul wanted to get across was that you cannot earn your salvation. You cannot save yourself by what you suppose are your good works. Also, we cannot pay for our salvation after we are saved. There is a large portion of his focus on faith/God’s grace and not works. Although Paul also goes to great effort to make sure that the Christians he was speaking to knew that God wants us to live in a way to glorify God. The way we live our lives is proof of what has happened in our hearts.

Day 1 – Romans 3

1. Who are the “we” and the “they” of vs. 9?
2. In what sense is “there none righteous”?
3. What is the meaning of “freely” in v. 24?

Day 2 – Romans 4

1. “According to the flesh” in v. 1 means what to you?
2. What is meant by the expression, “ walk in the steps of that faith…”?
3. What and where did God give life from the dead?

Day 3 – Romans 5

1. We stand “in grace”. What does that mean to you? What is grace?
2. In what ways does Paul mean no one sinned like Adam?
3. How does Grace “reign”?

Day 4 – Romans 6

1. What is baptism compared to in 6:4? Explain the comparison?
2. Do you see conversion to Christ as leaving one life and beginning a new life?
3. What benefits have you witnessed in your own life since becoming a Christian?

Day 5 – Romans 7

1. What does it mean to you, to have a sinful nature?
2. How would you describe a mature Christian?
3. How would you describe to a new believer that coming to the faith doesn’t necessarily mean their old temptations will just instantly be gone?