Bible Reading – Week 23

Overview: This week’s reading is packed with great lessons and interesting stories about Paul’s ministry. In Galatians, you may recognize many memory verses you have had over the years. Notice particularly the fruit of the Spirit (5:22-23).

Back in Acts, we read about many familiar people and events. We see Timothy and Lydia, Priscilla and Aquilla, and Apollos. We read the familiar story of the Philippian jailer. In that story we find one of the simplest invitations to accept Christ (see 16:31). We see Paul having a meeting with the cultural elite of Athens. We realize that they accepted Paul because of his impressive education. We also see that Paul was able to speak to them about God because he was willing to connect with them in a way they could
understand. We learn that God uses each of us and our particular abilities to accomplish His plan. Peter the fisherman had different abilities, but God used both Peter and Paul in mighty and different ways.

Day 1 – Galatians 5

1. What does Paul want the Galatians to do?
2. What does he mean by “bite and devour one another”?
3. What fruit of the Spirit speaks most to you?

Day 2 – Galatians 6

1. How are we to restore those caught in sin?
2. What do we need to watch for in ourselves?
3. What is the difference between verse 2 and verse 5?

Day 3 – Acts 16

1. Why did they go to Macedonia?
2. How did they meet Lydia?
3. What happened with the Philippian jailer?

Day 4 – Acts 17

1. How long did Paul preach in Thessalonica and what did he say?
2. What was one characteristic of the Bereans?
3. What stands out to you about Paul’s response?

Day 5 – Acts 18

1. How did Paul actually earn his living?
2. What was God’s message to Paul and why?
3. What exactly did Aquila and Priscilla teach Appollos?