Bible Reading – Week 22

Overview: Remember from the beginning of our New Testament study that we are attempting to read in chronological order. The reason we are reading Galatians now is that around the time of the events of Acts 15 and 16, Paul wrote the letter to the church of Galatia. Galatians gives us even more information about the salvation of the Gentiles (us).

Day 1 – Acts 15

1. What was the controversy about?
2. What did Peter, Paul and Barnabas believe?
3.Why did Paul and Barnabas go separate ways?

Day 2 – Galatians 1

1. Who is Paul writing to and why?
2. What was wrong with their new beliefs?
3. Who glorified God because of Paul and why?

Day 3 – Galatians 2

1. What was the wrong belief about the gospel?
2. Why did Paul reprimand Peter?
3. How are we justified according to verses 15-21?

Day 4 – Galatians 3

1. Who are the sons of Abraham?
2. What does the law bring?
3. What was the purpose of the law?

Day 5 – Galatians 4

1. What did Paul believe the Galatians would have done for him?
2. What did Paul give as a symbol for the flesh?
3. How do you interpret the allegory in verses 21-31?