Bible Reading – Week 21

Overview: This week we return to Peter’s ministry. We begin with a story of Gentiles becoming Christians. Keep in mind that almost all of the early believers were Jews. Most of these Jewish Christians believed themselves to be God’s only chosen people. They had no idea that salvation through Christ
would be offered to anyone except themselves. We can see from chapter 10 how difficult it was for them to accept the fact that salvation is meant for everyone.

Paul returns to the scene in chapter 11. Barnabas wants Paul to join him in his ministry. Chapter 13 really begins the story of Paul’s great missionary ministry.

Day 1 – Acts 10

1. Describe Peter’s vision.
2. What did Peter say to Cornelius?
3. What two things happened after Peter’s message?

Day 2 – Acts 11

1. What did the apostles say to Peter about Cornelius?
2. Where were the disciples first called Christians?
3. What did the disciples do for their friends in Judea?

Day 3 – Acts 12

1. Who did Herod seize and why?
2. What happened to Peter?
3. What happened to Herod?

Day 4 – Acts 13

1. What happened to Elymas the sorcerer?
2. What was Paul’s main message in these verses?
3. Why did the Jews want to silence Paul’s message?

Day 5 – Acts 14

1. Why did Paul and Barnabas go to Lystra and Derbe?
2. Why did Paul and Barnabas get so upset in Lystra?
3. How did Paul and Barnabas feel about their trials?