Bible Reading – Week 19

Overview: We come to the end of John and move into Acts this week. Acts is the story of what happened to the disciples after Jesus returned to heaven. It begins with Jesus talking to the disciples and other believers just before He ascended back to heaven.

Chapter 2 gives us the great coming of the Holy Spirit. Notice that these first Christians were filled with the Holy Spirit after they believed. A similar event happens one other time in Acts.

Notice also the boldness and power that the Holy Spirit brought to the disciples. Remember, it had only been a few weeks since Peter had denied knowing Jesus. Now he was preaching boldly to thousands about Jesus. We continue to see the religious leaders of that day rejecting Jesus as the Messiah.

Day 1 – John 21

Day 2 – Acts 1

Day 3 – Acts 2

Day 4 – Acts 3

Day 5 – Acts 4