Bible Reading – Week 18

Overview: In John 16, Jesus warns the disciples what they will face after He is gone. He tells them that things are not going to turn out exactly like they think. But He gives them the promise of the Holy Spirit for encouragement.

John 17 is the real Lord’s Prayer. Most of us think of “Our Father who art in heaven….” (Matthew 6:9-13) when we think of the Lord’s Prayer. But that was the way Jesus taught us to ray, not Jesus’ actual prayer. Notice that Jesus even prays for us in His prayer.

After this Jesus is betrayed and arrested. John gives us a few more details than the other gospels. Try to spend some time this week imagining how the disciples must have felt when Jesus died. They had to give up their ideas that Jesus would have an earthly kingdom during their lifetime.

Day 1 – John 16

Day 2 – John 17

Day 3 – John 18

Day 4 – John 19

Day 5 – John 20