Bible Reading – Week 15

Overview: Now we turn our attention to the fourth gospel, John. John’s account of the life of Jesus is different from the other three gospels. John wrote his book later than the others. It is likely that he had read the other gospel accounts. So he was able to “sum up” the meaning of Jesus’ life. He was able to fill in more that needed to be learned about Jesus.

John gives his purpose for writing in 20:31. You will notice as you read that John does not write about as many miracles and parables as the others do. John chooses seven signs that show Jesus as Messiah.

The story of Nicodemus is told only in John. It gives us a very clear picture of Jesus’ life and message. In these first few chapters we have Jesus’ very first miracle (sign), as well as the ways that His first disciples became believers. We also read the wonderful story of the woman at the well.

Day 1 – John 1

Day 2 – John 2

Day 3 – John 3

Day 4 – John 4

Day 5 – John 5