Bible Reading – Week 11

Overview: All 3 of the synoptic gospels give us the account of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem just one week before His crucifixion. The triumphal entry was when people praised Jesus as their King. We celebrate this event every year the week before Easter, and we call it Palm Sunday. This is because the people waved palm branches as they sang in celebration of King Jesus.

However, these same people screamed “Crucify Him!” just a few days after they waved palm branches and sang praises to Him. There are at least 2 lessons for us in this. The first one is that it is very easy to get caught up in something that everyone is in favour of. Popular opinion is very shaky ground to build our responses on. Just as everyone was shouting praises on Sunday, and by Thursday they were screaming curses, public opinions today can change with the wind. Our own responses must have a greater foundation than what everyone else thinks or does.

A second lesson is that we must guard against hypocrisy.

Day 1- Luke 19

Day 2 – Matthew 21

Day 3 – Mark 11

Day 4 – Luke 20

Day 5 – Mark 12