Bible Reading – Week 7

Overview: This week’s readings are really action-packed because Jesus’ ministry is at its peak. We read last week in Luke about the feeding of the 5,000. This week we will read about the same miracle in Matthew and Mark. Later, when we read John’s gospel, we will read it again! This is one of only 2 miracles that were recorded in all 4 gospels. Do you know what the other one is? (Hint: we have not read about it yet, but it is the greatest miracle of all.)Apparently the feeding of the 5,000 was very important and made a big impression on the gospel writers.

We will also read about John the Baptist’s death. Keep in mind that John was Jesus’ cousin, so Jesus had more than one reason to sorrow over his death.

Something else interesting in this week’s reading is Jesus’ instructions to His disciples as He prepared them for their missionary work. Some of His instructions were meant only for the disciples of that day, while some thing are for us as well. (Compare Matthew 10:8 and Matthew 10:31) A valuable part of Bible study is asking God to show us which things were for a particular place and time, and which things are applicable to everyone through the ages.

Day 1 – Mark 6

Day 2 – Matthew 10

Day 3 – Matthew 11

Day 4 – Matthew 14

Day 5 – Matthew 15