Bible Reading – Week 5

Overview: Hopefully as we read further into Jesus’ life and teachings, you are seeing the similarities as well as the differences in Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Keep in mind that each reader had a different purpose. Matthew wrote mainly for the Jews and presented Jesus as the Messiah/King, fulfilling Old Testament prophecies. He wanted to be sure the Jewish people understood that Jesus was the long-awaited Messiah.

Mark wrote mainly to Gentiles (anyone not a Jew) and presented Jesus as the Servant of God. Notice that Mark often explains Jewish customs and lands, realizing that these things would not be understood by his readers. Luke seemed to write to everyone and called Jesus the Son of Man. This was how Jesus often referred to Himself. Luke wanted to show that Jesus came to be the Saviour of the world, not just the Jews.

Hopefully reading all three gospels together will help you to understand Jesus’ life better. As you read this week, notice the religious leaders’ response to Jesus.

Day 1 – Luke 7

Day 2 – Matthew 11

Day 3 – Luke 8

Day 4 – Luke 11

Day 5 – Luke 12